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​A page that tells you about the comfort of the Easy Sofa

The easy sofa can be used comfortably for a wide range of purposes, including studying, playing games, working, relaxing, and dining.

The easy sofa can change to the optimal sitting angle according to each persons posture and using request,  so it is a healthy and relaxing living room product that can be used in a comfortable position without straining.

​white sofa

Easy Sofa is also good for white sofas that I used to avoid because I was worried about them getting dirty.

This multi-roll sofa uses SC synthetic leather that does not contain volatile organic compounds and is designed to be used for a long time without worrying about getting dirty.

Any dirt that sticks can be easily wiped off with a cleaner, etc.

​SC Easy sofa that is safe and resistant to children's doodles using synthetic leather

43009 (1)  easy sofa

​From relaxing to dining,
Easy sofa with multi-purpose use

​The sitting angle changes so that you can obtain a posture suitable for your body when using it.
 Upright posture when eating,

Slightly relaxed posture during gatherings

​ Relaxed posture with eyes facing forward while watching TV,

Comfortable posture when taking a nap,

This is a sofa that adjusts its seating angle according to the natural movement of the body.

sofa good for living in one person room
44003image. easy sofa corch

Use space effectively

Easy sofa couch bed

During the day, it can be used as a corner type easy sofa for tea or meals with guests.

When sleeping, move the back cushion of the couch to create a bed that is 700mm wide x 1800mm long.

​There is a storage space under the couch bed where you can keep your bedding etc.

Does the couch bed have an easy-to-recline sofa, or is there a storage space under the seat?






​天板     ;セラミック板

テーブル寸法 ; 1150-750㎜



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