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Healthy and relaxing living products that do not contain volatile organic compounds and are safe for infants and children.

Based on the philosophy of health and relaxation, SilverAges develops and sells living room products that do not contain volatile organic compounds, are safe for infants and children, and are stain-resistant.
Our products include an easy sofa that changes the back and seat angle to suit your body so you don't get tired even after sitting for a long time, a personal reclining sofa for music therapy that makes it easy to concentrate on games or studies, and a low sofa chair that is gentle on your lower back and can also be used as a living sofa. I have children, etc.

​ Living room products that are safe for infants and toddlers and are made of stain-resistant materials

easy sitting sofa
Freelayout sofa G2020

Resistant to stains and provides peace of mind​Sofa

​A sofa that is made of materials that do not contain volatile organic compounds and is safe for infants' sensitive skin and does not get dirty or fatigue.

personal sofa with sound and heater

Music therapy warms your back and legs, allowing you to concentrate on your work.

personal sofa


A support cushion that stretches your back and helps stabilize your body.

Muscle strength decreases, making it difficult for your back to sway from side to side while sitting in a chair.

bead mix chair

A bead mix chair with a flowing cushion that is gentle on the lower back and has no cleavage.

43020 bedroom bed

Thinking about the intellectuals who live alone

studio sofa and bed


​Sofa and bed that are resistant to dirt and do not require cleaning

​What is a safe and fatigue-free sofa that does not contain volatile organic compounds?

Why do I get tired sitting on the sofa? Why do I want to avoid putting my baby down on the sofa?

Have you ever had such a question?

All manufacturers strive to provide safe products and sofas that are comfortable and comfortable to sit on.

However, actual sofa users have complained that their bodies feel stiff and their backs hurt when they sit for long periods of time.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if it's okay to put my baby down on the couch.

The answer to this question is that people tend to stay in the same position, so they sink into the urethane without rebounding.

As a solution, a reclining type or high back sofa is recommended.


Based on our experience of designing sofas for 30 years, we have pointed out the following:I think that the result is not the problem.

Feeling the need for a product that solved this problem, we developed it as an easy sofa.We have started selling.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause skin irritation.

In the past, there were accidents like this, but eachImprovements have been made through the efforts of manufacturers and regulatory authorities.

However, the fact remains that volatile organic compounds remain in each material and evaporate even in small amounts.

By changing from dangerous chemicals to less dangerous chemicals, the amount of volatilization has been reduced.

There is no fundamental solution

The philosophy of healthy and relaxing living productsWhen I thought about it,SilverAgesis a material that does not contain volatile organic compounds

We decided to switch to , and started selling it at the same time as the easy sofa..

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