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support cushion assisting to stabilize your body on a chair

Support when body muscles become weak

When the muscles of the body are weakened, it becomes difficult to maintain a comfortable posture even when sitting in a chair.
It is an auxiliary cushion for such people.

support cushion 35079
support cushion on an arm chair

Posture Stability Support Cushion is a support cushion that stretches the back muscles and reduces the burden on the lower back to maintain a posture that is less tiring, and by supporting both sides with elbow cushions, it suppresses body sway and stabilizes forward bending and posture.

When the muscles in your body become weak, it becomes difficult to sit in a chair in the same position, and you may lean from side to side, becoming unstable and even falling off the chair.
This cushion helps such people sit in a stable posture.
We use materials that do not contain volatile organic compounds and are safe for infants, children, and the elderly. It is resistant to stains from daily use, and there is no need to worry about it hardening or cracking after long-term use.

A posture stabilizing support cushion that is resistant to stains and can be easily wiped off with a cleaner, etc.

Eliminates both elbows and only cushions the back

elbowless support cushion

To make it easier to sit with your back straight

It's a cushion

Support cushion that prevents aspiration

By applying pressure to your lower back, you will be able to maintain a posture that makes it easier to straighten your back muscles.

This causes the jaw to be pulled in, creating a posture that makes it difficult for aspiration to occur.

This cushion helps maintain a posture that prevents aspiration.

High back cushion and headrest
Using support cushions in wheelchairs
high back support  cushion on a wheel chair
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