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A zaisu-sofa with infinite sitting angles

About the use of A bead mix chair that is gentle on your back and reduces fatigue.

Due to the moving effect of 42 stage metal fittings and bead mix cushion

A new type of chair with infinite back angles.

You can use it with your back stretched out in various situations, reducing the possibility of lower back pain.A new chair that can be used for everything from work to relaxation.

Always supports the entire body, and even if you want to strengthen the lumbar support in a particular area, you can easily adjust it by moving your body and moving the bead mix cushion.

Keeping your lower back in optimal position makes it easier to work for long periods of time and reduces the chance of lower back pain.

Precautions when using bead mix chair

*When resting your head on the upper back at the reclining angle,

Avoid resting your neck on your upper back Please be careful.

It may cause cervicogenic dizziness.


When using,of pantsPlease be careful of hardware in your pockets.

Hardware may damage the fabric.

​*The main cushion body can be washed, but we recommend soaking it.

⋆When selecting the bead mix chair itself, it must be soaked in a neutral detergent. Soaking time is about 8 hours, and drying is required for 1-2 days in a well-ventilated place.

Cannot be used in washing machine or heat dryer

How to deal with broken metal fittings or torn fabric of a bead mix chair

In case of the metal fittings break.

You can replace the frameset by yourself.

The maximum load of the metal fittings is 96 kg. 

If more force is applied to the frame, it may break.

If the heavier person leans back, the maximum load may be exceeded.

Cushion body treatment  

1. The bead mix cushion body can be used as is.

2. Throw away the metal fittings and use it as it is as a bead mix cushion.

Transfer to the inner bag/outer bag of the separately sold bead mix cushion

When the inner fabric tears

❶Place a cloth coated with hot melt adhesive on the torn part and heat it with an iron.

As a precaution, we recommend hand-stitching the edges of the patch fabric to reinforce it.


② Refill the bead mix cushion inner bag and outer bag (sold separately).

A large refill opening is attached so you can work on it.


Avoid collecting and using cushioning material that has spilled out.

It may pick up foreign objects that are hard to see and cause further tearing or injury.

Please discard any cushioning material that has spilled out.

When the outer cover is torn;

It can be repaired in the same way as the inner cloth bag, but it is recommended to replace it with a new cover. 

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