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VOC-free personal reclining sofa for music 

Relax and enjoy the time of relaxing and immersing yourself in music therapy.

A personal sofa that soothes your mind and body with heel music and musical vibrations.

Relax when you're tired with 423HZ vertical flute Tibetan soothing music

音楽療法パーソナルソファ 42019A

Pleasant music therapy melodies and vibrations that reach the body

Your own concert sofa where you can enjoy everything from classical music to pop music with stereo and vibration.

A personal sofa that is convenient for listening, reading, and studying.

Enjoy reading while resting your tired eyes.

Connect to your mobile phone via BT and listen to listening on a reading site

The brain for healing and anti-aging for the elderly

Personal recliner chair useful for listening study

Emotional education for children who create images and draw pictures through listening and reading.

Learning by listening to native language in stereo

携帯ホルダー付き音楽療法パーソナルソファ 42019A
A music therapy personal sofa with a mobile phone holder

In-ear stereo that is quiet even at night

Punching processing that does not impede the passage of sound

A personal sofa with a heater that keeps you warm from your legs to your back.

A sofa with a heater that keeps your head and feet warm even in the cold winter so you can concentrate on your work.

A personal sofa that can be used as a kotatsu sofa or a warm study chair using a throw.

A VOCs music therapy personal sofa suitable for music therapy and listening learning
The stereo sound system with BT connection and built-in heater warm your body from your legs to your back. A fully reclining personal sofa that allows you to concentrate on your work while keeping your head and feet warm even on cold days.
In winter, if you put a throw on it, the seat and footrest are heated, making it feel like you're on a sofa.
This personal sofa is made with SC synthetic leather that does not contain volatile organic compounds and is stain resistant, with an emphasis on durability, safety and security.

A personal sofa that is convenient for inhaling oxygen

A personal sofa that is convenient for resting your body by reclining and recovering your physical strength by inhaling oxygen.

A personal sofa with a dedicated mounting frame so you don't have to worry about where to store your oxygen device.

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