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Flowing cushion eliminates cleavage and reduces fatigue. Bead mix zaisu

A chair with no cleavage thanks to its flowing cushions.

A chair that fits your body and is gentle on your lower back

A bead mix chair that is an evolution of a back-friendly bead chair that can also be used as a mattress, with a deformable cushion that utilizes the fluidity of beads.

Beads mixed zaisu
bieadsmixed zaisu sitting

Arrange 2-3 bead mix chairs,
Casual studio furniture with reclining low sofa

This is a chair that uses the fluidity of beads to change the seat surface to match the cushion to your body.
Since the shape of the cushion changes to match your body, it supports your body effortlessly and reduces fatigue.
This is a Beas mix seat chair that is an evolution of the Beas chair that allows you to sit in a relaxed position that is gentle on your lower back without putting strain on your lower back.
Even if you feel tired from sitting in the same position for a long time, by changing the cushion's contact position and shape,
You can continue working with a new feeling of sitting.
The moderate hardness and softness created by the new cushion body that gives elasticity to the beads,
This is a bead mix chair that is gentle on your lower back and reduces fatigue.

The bead mix chair has no cleavage.
Can also be used for mattresses

beadmixed zaisu as mattress

The freely movable elastic cushion body will not deform or sag, and will return to its original shape by tapping the cushion after use.

The bead mix chair is
​It is a chair that can be used for a long time as it can be washed if it gets dirty and can be replaced if the metal fittings break.
beads-mixed zaisu back
zaisu fitting

The bead mix chair has a structure where the reclining metal fittings and the cushion body are separated.
​ Dirty cushion body can be washed, and broken metal fittings can be easily replaced.


metal fittings set

Adding cushions to bead mix chairs

When you use a bead mix chair, the seat remains deformed to fit your body.
However, by tapping the seat and stirring the cushion body, it will return to its original shape and elasticity.

There are also limits to recovery by stirring the bead mix cushion material due to material deterioration.
In such a case, by replenishing new mixed cushion material,

You can recover the feeling of sitting.There is a refill port at the bottom of the product.

​ Seat chair broken and replaced

The maximum load capacity on the back metal fittings is 96 kg.
If more weight is placed on the back, the seat fittings will easily break even if Japanese-made fittings are used.

If the metal fittings of the bead mix chair are broken, replace the metal fitting frame.
can be exchanged.
​ By opening the zipper on the bottom of the seat, you can easily pull out the metal fittings frame and replace it with the separately sold metal fittings frame set.

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