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Weight distribution while sitting support cushion

Seat support for people who feel pain when sitting on hard chairs

Sitting aids cushion with handle cushion

Distributes the body weight on the coccyx to the surrounding muscles,
Auxiliary cushion that helps you sit with less pain

An easy-to-carry, weight-pressure dispersion product developed in response to requests from people who have decreased physical strength due to illness, etc.
Seat support cushion.

When your lower back muscles weaken, you are more likely to feel pain from a hard seat.
Weight is distributed around the periphery with a soft layer and a hard layer of urethane at the bottom.
Receive your body softly.

It does not contain volatile organic compounds and is made of a material that is stain resistant, water resistant, melt resistant, and weather resistant.It is stain resistant and will not discolor or crack even after long-term use.
​ Even if it gets dirty, there is a cleaner etc.
​Support seat cushion with a large handle for easy carrying when going out.

sitting aids cushion
sitting aids cushion one a chair
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