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​Flowers and sofas blooming in the city

A Low sofa called Zaisu and a tireless posture

When I was looking at product reviews on the Internet, I noticed a photo of a room with a Low sofa called Zaisu.

He put a low table in front of a well-used Zaisu and worked there.

The Zaisu was developed by me 10 years ago and is still sold here and there.

From the photo, my customer must be working with his legs crossed in front of the table.

He might feel pain in his back but seems to have to work while leaning back and stretching.

Looking at this photo, I thought that I needed a table that matched the usage situation, so I made five dedicated tables.

the Low sofa called Zaisu and tireless posture
A low sofa called Zaisu and a optimal table

I wanted to give one to him, but in the review section, I couldn't do it because I didn't know who I was talking to.

Therefore, it is used by elementary school students who come to the office to study.

I think it will also be useful for students who live in dormitories to study on their beds.

It seemed to be difficult for children from families who came to study to understand, and the desk did not look at me for some reason.

In the end, three of them were used for the study of the children who came in, and two were used as storage tables in the kitchen.

With an oven on the bottom and a juicer on top, it was just the right dimensions.

When working a Low sofa, you need to pay attention to the height of the desk and the distance from your body.

The PC screen is at eye level, the desk is at elbow height, and the arm is about 200 mm on the desk.

If you have a keyboard in your hand position, you will naturally have a straight-back posture.

At this time, if there is pressure to push the lower back of the Low sofa , the posture can be easily maintained.

When working, I recommend that you consider the Low sofa called Zaisu and tireless posture, and use aids to adjust the height and leg width of the table.


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