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​Flowers and sofas blooming in the city

Listening to a story on a music therapy personal sofa is like listening to an old radio drama

As people grow up, they read many books, including picture books, textbooks, essays on novels, and dissertations.

While reading a book, students learn how to assemble letters into words and images, record them in memory, and vice versa.

People accumulate knowledge by reading books, taking quiet walks, and repeating thoughts.

Many great philosophical ideas arise from contemplation during a quiet walk after reading.

I've been reading books with the same thoughts.

During that long period, my eyes kept chasing letters and turning images into electrical signals. Still, as I got older, my eyes began to complain of fatigue, and my eyes requested a lot of rest time and eye drops. ‘

With the world's progress, it has become possible to listen to recitation without using your eyes, and a reclining personal sofa that is convenient for listening to books has also appeared.

Originally, it was created for the purpose of music therapy, but if an individual uses it, it will be a music sofa or a listening-reading sofa.

That's why I started using a music therapy personal sofa.

The people around you can only hear small sounds that don't bother others, but when you're sitting on the sofa, the volume is more than enough, and it's a comfortable chair.

With the controller at hand, you can tilt your back and wake up, operate the heater timer, Bluetooth mobile connection, volume, etc.

At first, I tried to take a 15-minute nap with 528 Hz sleep meditation music by leaning down so that I felt my back horizontally, but I got bored before the nap because of the dry sound connection.

The Tibetan soothing music of the 423HZ vertical flute is standard when I am tired and relaxing.

In the reading session, I listened to Shugoro Yamamoto's samurai books read aloud on YouTube by Abe Yoshimi, Aria, and Nanami Harugoro in a relaxed corner with the back of the personal sofa slightly tilted.

In the U.S., it's like enjoying Shane, High Noon, or Stagecoach.

It's like a YouTube entertainment venue where you can enjoy it on your personal sofa.

Listening to a story on a music therapy personal sofa is like listening to an old radio drama.

You can listen to the words and picture the scene of the words in your head.

It becomes an emotional education in which children create images by reading and drawing pictures of them, new knowledge for the elderly, common topics with others, and healing brain training.

This music therapy personal sofa has become one that you can't let go of`


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