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​Flowers and sofas blooming in the city

The beauty of cherry blossoms is full of youth and hope. Also, In human beings, youth and hope in their hearts may make them beautiful.

Purple cherry blossoms blooming on the roadside
Bijo cherry blossoms blooming in a corner of the continent

When I looked up the purple flowers that were popping out on the roadside, I found that they were called verbena, and the Japanese name was Bijosakura. It is a flower that is native to America and has evolved in a complex manner, with many descendants spreading all over the world.

The reason why Bijosakura's flower language is harmonious and enchanting may be due to this background.

The cherry blossoms blooming in front of me must have experienced many things and are now blooming in this corner of the continent.

When Bijo Sakura is written in kanji, it is a beautiful cherry blossom, and when translated directly into English, it is a beautiful woman.

I feel that it does not match the image that Japanese people have of cherry blossoms.

The beautiful cherry blossoms in front of me have a richer, more lustrous feel that could be called older cherry blossoms.

Considering the Japanese sense of beauty, which progresses from innocent beauty to beauty in the prime of life, then to beauty in middle age, and then to the peak of beauty in old age, the name seems to be a bit out of place.

I think the image that Japanese people have of cherry blossoms is the beauty of innocence and hope overflowing with hope for the beginning of life. There is beauty in being young and full of hope.

Rather than thinking about beauty and ugliness in front of the mirror, we should think about who we will be living tomorrow and work towards that. Then, the beauty of youth will naturally emerge.

The beauty of cherry blossoms lies in their youth and full of hope, making them beautiful cherry blossoms.

Young people should think about their dreams for tomorrow rather than looking in the mirror, and older people should throw away the mirror and seek beauty.


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