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​Flowers and sofas blooming in the city

please leave alone, the flower language of wild thistle

I saw wild thistle flowers blooming on the roadside of the park.

The posture looks like that of a lady who lives in a samurai family.

How did the wild thistle, native to Japan, get to the corners of the continent?

pink color wild thistle blooming on street
wild thistle blooming on street

There is mountain sorrow in the mountains

There is a sea of sorrow in the sea

In the flower garden of the heart

When the thistle blooms

My beloved flower, whose name thistle,

The flower of my heart, its name thistle

Even if my path of destiny is far from you

Leave yours on my chest

The lady who stands majestically there is reminiscent of a noble lady who lives in a samurai family with her standard of living.

It makes you feel the absolute beauty of not being deceived by your surroundings and maintaining the value of your own life.

When a woman who embodies such absolute values is at home, she becomes a treasure that shows grace and absolute beauty to her family, like a wild plant that is a blessing of nature.

The thistles blooming in the streets seem to be talking to us to keep quiet.

The flower language of wild thistle is to leave alone.


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