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​Flowers and sofas blooming in the city

Silicone synthetic leather is free VOC

Silicone synthetic leather is free VOC that is highly resistant to dirt, chemicals, fire, abrasion, and light.

Since I first got this material 2 years ago, I have continuously tested it for weather resistance, dirt, peel, etc., and I still don't see any deterioration.

This photo shows a support cushion for sitting up straight on the back that I have been using for about 5 years.

As the softener agent volatilized from the PVC material, the surface hardened and cracked.

I put my arm directly on the surface of the PVC every day, and I didn't feel any problems.

If it doesn't break the surface of the PVC, I feel like it can use the support cushion for a longer time.

Silicone synthetic leather also has excellent test data to European standards, but I think it's best to trust the results of our own field tests.

Even if the test value is good when it is actually commercialized, it may be unexpected like PU material, so I think it is better to believe the results of the use test ourselves.

Apart from the exposure test, we made a test product and had it used by children who came to study after school and two terriers who had free time.

For one year, it was able to withstand children's graffiti and terrier burrowing.

If I had the chance, I would like to try how well silicone synthetic leather can withstand a cat's claw

A bed made by silicon synthetic leather
bed made of silicon synthetic leather

I think it is a new material that is suitable for bed boards that are easy to stain with hair, dining sofas that are easy to stain with food, and sofas in the lobby that are used by an unspecified number of people.

A highly durable sofa suitable to use in the lobby unspecified number of people.
Ideal for sofas in the lobby used by an unspecified number of people.

In particular, you will be freed from the worry of dirt, and it will be easier to use white and bright colors for living room furniture that you want to use for a long time.

I think it will also affect the interior of the living room.

We have also completed the development of an easy-sitting sofa, which was carried out in parallel with the material testing.

It is a new type of sofa that changes the angle of the seat according to the body shape of the person who sits on it.

Sales will start with peace of mind from this winter.


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